Winter Magic at Chalk Gallery: Saturday 25th November, 12pm – 3pm

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We would love you to come to our Winter Magic meet the artists event at Chalk Gallery this Saturday 25th November.


Guest Artist, Tanya Gomez

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Chalk Gallery asks our Guest Artist, Tanya Gomez about her ceramic works and her beautiful pieces currently in Chalk Gallery


What is the theme behind your work at Chalk Gallery?

The fundamental theme about my work is water, the sea.

Seascape,Colour, Light, Fluidity, Movement, Density, Depth, Sublime, Emotion, Volume

Where do you go to collect the inspiration behind your work?

My experience at sea and travelling within my twenties have been a large piece of my inspiration. The sea, surrounding landscape and nature absorb into my work but not necessary are obvious. Techniques, processes and challenging the clay also spur on ideas.

Describe the process behind your artwork in the Chalk Gallery

All work is thrown porcelain on a wheel. Mainly thrown in sections, joined together and then manipulated to create dynamism. I use porcelain for its silky fine qualities and as a white canvas to spray warm, alluring glazes on that have a sense of depth.

Describe your studio space 

I am very fortunate to have the studio at the back of the house. I call it my ship as everything has a place for it and has to be put back otherwise there isn’t enough space to work.

My favorite thing about it is that it is a fully functional studio where I can do most things and very lucky to have it so close to home. Clay is like having children you have to keep nurturing them and going back to the work so if travel time is shorten then it is much easier to finish things off.

What achievements are you most proud of?

Apart from having two healthy beautiful children. My recent show at Collect Open, Saatchi Gallery that was in February. Here I produced, A Day. A 5m x 3m installation comprising of 35 ceramic vessels arranged on a long mantel piece set against a digitally printed fabric wall panel.

Which other artists/ art movements / writers/ musicians most influence your artistic practice?

Romantic movement.

Ceramic Artists

Ruth Duckworth

Betty Woodman

Takashi Ysuada

Fukami Sueharu

Jean Francois Filloux

Recent exhibitions that have inspired me

Hella Jongerius Design museum

Rachel Whiteread Tate Britain

What is your favourite thing about Chalk Gallery?

That it is a group of artist working together to get their work seen. A very well professional organization and that is what I think is unique about the Chalk Gallery.

To see more of Tanya’s work click here.

Featured Artist, Susan Lynch: 9th – 29th October

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The Unpredictable Power of Paint

Susan’s body of work for our window is all about the unpredictability and power of paint. Her style is confident and assured and we love the spontaneity and vibrancy.

She says “I love starting a new blank canvas. I choose my colours and pick up a palette knife. The opportunity at this stage for a huge sweep of coloured paint is irresistible. I have little concept of what will take form.

It can be wild looking creatures, strange panoramas, even imaginary human forms and faces will appear out of the paint like magic. It all becomes very exciting” Her semi-abstract art invites you to make your own interpretation which is the ultimate satisfaction.

Susan will be at Chalk Gallery between 1.00 – 4.00pm on Saturday 14th October if you wish to meet her and discuss her work. 

See more here.

Artist in Focus: Katie Whitbread- 18th September – 8th October

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Katie’s recent body of work has been inspired by coastal scenes and landscapes. They have been created in oils with a range of palette knives, using a restrained range of soft blues and greys, pinks and ochres.

Working from a beautiful new studio in which she has more space and light has allowed Katie to stretch her creative wings, building on the firm foundations of her earlier work, but allowing a natural development which we think has taken her work to new and exciting levels. Some of her paintings have become less representational as she explores a more semi abstract approach drawing from within. She is also enjoying working on a larger scale, and we love the results. See more here.





New Artist: Catherine Greenwood


Catherine’s art practice includes copper plate etching, mono printing, kitchen lithography, woodcut, lino block print, painting and figure drawing. You can see more here.

She is just about to begin a post graduate research post in the print department in City and Guilds of London Art School. The post was set up by Norman Akroyd and now led by Jason Hicklin as Head of Print Department. She says “I’m very honoured to have the post and excited about the work that will unfold”. We are excited too, and look forward to seeing some of the work gracing our walls in Chalk Gallery.



Guest Artist Lucy Marks 29 August – 8 October

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Lucy holds an MA in Fine Art and is an Associate Member of the United Society of Artists. Three of her painting have just been selected for the prestigious ING Discerning Eyeexhibition at the Mall Galleries, London in November.

Lucy says “My work as a landscape painter focuses on the inspirational area around me.  I live in Worthing and my inspiration comes from the sea, beaches and the South Downs all of which I have known since a child.  I believe areas that you have known for a long time become part of your DNA.  For me, the South Coast feels like home. I aim to create works that connect the viewer to a sense of the elements of the natural world in a non-representational way. I paint in both oil and watercolour directly in the environment and then use these works in the studio as my primary source to develop work further.

The works on show in the Chalk Gallery are a series inspired by Ferring Beach, which is near to where I live.  These are studio works that were painted from my watercolour sketches on location.  My aim was to capture the beach as the grey evening light was falling over the beach and sea, and before the summer pinks had vanished from the sand”. See more here.