Chris Liddiard trained in art and design at the Southend-on-Sea School of Art and Design. He started painting in watercolour in 1970 and spent some time training with the Royal Watercolour Society. He has also illustrated a childrens’ book, Rufus and the Rain.

Chris’ watercolours are a mix of abstract and landscape, with influences from Turner’s late watercolours, Paul Klee, Edward Seago, the  Agnes Martin, US minimalist, and many more. The children’s book, Rufus and the Rain, was written by Chris’ brother-in-law, the New Zealander, Mark Laurent and published in Australasia by Scholastic.

In the current exhibition you can also see pages from a sketchbook that Chris used in 2006. He travelled around the South of England, finding and drawing old and interesting buildings, particularly the beautiful churches. There is also the old church in the market town of Hailsham. Chris has drawn this from the fields on the edge of the town and has included the sound of the actual bells ringing about a mile away. You have to listen carefully as the sound is very soft. You can see more at