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Gus Harrison

Gus Harrison

Gus was one of the original artists at Chalk Gallery when it was founded in 2005 and has a loyal following for his evocative and very beautiful watercolours of the British landscape.



Chalk Gallery: If you could be anywhere in the world right now, where would you like to be, and why?

Gus: I would love to be in the North Western Isles of Scotland with their fascinating coastline – in June of course.


Chalk Gallery: What really excites and inspires you to create your art?

Gus: Wonderful light from pure untouched waters, early morning or late evening in superb colour…

Rain, steam and speed by JM Turner

Rail, steam and speed by JM Turner


Chalk Gallery: Which is your favourite piece of art and why?

Gus: JMW Turners rendering of light colour and moving form at any time of day -” Rain, Steam and Speed”- and its impression of a locomotive passing over water at speed.

Downs at sunset from the east

Downs at sunset from the east


Chalk Gallery: What do you think makes your work unique?
Gus: I seek out the landscape and halt for 10-15 minutes where a new content, form, tone and colour refreshes me and I try to record on paper how and what I feel about this.


Sunrise - Waters of Snowdonia

Sunrise – Waters of Snowdonia

Chalk Gallery: What is your studio like?
Gus: My studio is tiny, but  I like to travel throughout Britain, staying at walking holiday centres and painting there.

Chalk Gallery: Which of your achievements are the most proud of?
Gus: The next one!

Sunset - South Devon

Sunset – South Devon

Chalk Gallery: What do you like most about Chalk Gallery?

Gus: The Gallery has increased its flood of callers and sales throughout nearly ten years.

Mark Bridge has also interviewed Gus for the November issue of Viva Lewes magazine….you can pick up a copy at the gallery or at Lewes Tourist information Centre!



Chalk Gallery is delighted to welcome new artists Mary Clarke, Kat Zahran, David Williams and Louise Chatfield to the Chalk fold.

Mary Clarke


Mary Clarke uses both stoneware and earthenware clays to make delightfully quirky smoke fired and Raku animal figures that are utterly charming and unique.


Kat Zahran

Kat Zahran

Kat Zahran


Kat Zahran is our new resident jeweller and her beautiful pieces have a unique style, mixing gold, silver, precious and semi-precious stones and oxidisation.


kat necklace 5

Her stunning pieces are highly distinctive and modern yet extremely wearable.


David Williams


David Williams

David Williams

David Williams is a very talented painter who has exhibited at the Royal Academy and Whitechapel Galleries among others.

Sunny Side

Sunny Side

His work is inspired by perspective and atmospheric light and his paintings range from local views of Sussex  to exotic world locations.


Linda Chatfield

Louise Chatfield


Louise Chatfield’s beautiful paintings blend the representational and the abstract in acrylics, pastels or mixed media, capturing the essence and atmosphere of a scene or subject.