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Chalk Gallery is delighted to be featuring the mixed media and collage artist Kate Newington for the next hang in the gallery. Come and see her haptic explorations of still life imagery and colourful compositions. We asked Kate a few questions to gain an insight into her artistic process.

What is the key concept behind your studio practice?

The idea behind my still lifes is to convey the excitement I feel when I look at something natural in a manmade environment. This is the trigger that sets me wanting to express particular aspects of what I see, one of which might be the force of the visual ‘3Dness’ that appears when sunlight falls on an object, perhaps on flowers in a handmade pot or a cup with a strong design or shape.

‘Prickly Dunes’ Mixed media on board

What is the process behind your artwork? (Drawing / Painting/ Collecting research)

I draw and paint what I see, but also ‘paint with paper’ – a process whereby I cut, tear and stick down pieces of printed, coloured paper from magazines or wrapping paper to express the colours in front of me. The quality of light in St Ives and the north coast of Cornwall where I often spend time brings out the rich colours and drama of natural objects and vistas.

By juxtaposing paint with collage, compositions starts to gel. The backgrounds to my still lifes are often imagined or remembered and designed to bring the eye to the foreground. I keep small sketchbooks which I use when I’m out and about and I have a list of contemporary artists (particularly from the South West) whose work I see regularly and find inspiring.

Where is your favourite place in Lewes or the surrounding countryside?

Although I live in Brixton in London I have many connections with Kent and Sussex. My grandparents lived in Pembury, and I often visited them there as a child and my father (who was brought up there) went to Tunbridge Wells art school and is buried in Wadhurst graveyard, which is a beautiful place. I also have good friends in Tunbridge Wells who take me on visits to Sissinghurst, a place that is different in every season and always striking. And I visit Brighton and Hove where I also have family connections and friends. So I kind of consider myself as either ‘half Sussex’ or ‘half Kentish’!

See more of Kate’s artwork here.