Brighton Interior with Figure

After qualifying as an Illustrator and Graphic Designer at Brighton University I trained and became a teacher of Art and Design living and working in East Sussex.

In recent years I have become immersed in painting and printmaking, experimenting and developing skills in mixed media, etching, lino and screen printing. The experience of working in my own studio, as part of a thriving collective of artists, has enabled me to make new work and explore a variety of themes and the means of expressing them. I try to engage with a number of ideas through my work, ideas of presence and transience – the ways in which objects and people embody a space and thereby create a narrative which can be described in shape, light and shade. The paintings, drawings and prints I make are often monochrome, as I use colour sparingly – I find that reducing the image in this way gives a strength and directness to the work.

My work is mainly figurative and often has a decorative and stylized feel due, in some respect, to my illustrative and graphic design background. I have shown in a number of galleries and taken part in various shows and art fairs. I am delighted to be a member of the Chalk Gallery, Lewes.