Susan Lynch LCG 08.15 (Chalk)

Sometimes I commence a body of work with a thematic approach, but at some stage during the painting process, I allow the images to become what they will, loosely within the framework of the desired theme. Mostly I love to ‘just paint’ and wait for something exciting to emerge. This technique can go horribly wrong but is worth the risk. Some images just start to appear like magic, others are worked and re-worked until I am satisfied I have an interesting painting. Over the years this approach has led me more and more into Abstract painting where the applied medium brings the painting to life somehow detaching it from logical thinking. Fantastic! But, there are still times when flower especially start to appear and take over. I like to employ the same technique of applying vibrant colours in oil or acrylic paint usually using palette knives on canvas.


DipHE in Fine Art Painting

Northbrook College Worthing

Edexcel Level 3 BTEC Foundation Diploma (merit)

Sussex Downs College Eastbourne

NOCN 2 Painting, Drawing Development, Illustration

Susan exhibits regularly and is a member of Eastbourne Group of Artists. In 2014 she was shortlisted for Artist of the Year with Artists and Illustrators.