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Ursula has recently been selected to exhibit at the Mall Galleries, London with the Society of Women Artists, and regularly exhibits in London at the Affordable Art Fairs.

Her work is much admired on the walls at Chalk Gallery. She says “My paintings develop and emerge according to the combination of my chosen palette of colours and a loose idea of what I want to achieve but at the same time always trying to be awake to new possibilities something unsuspected, new, different, beautiful! With this collection, I used some different colours and tried to respond to them and see what they wanted to do. For some time I have been working with the theme of the inner landscape and also the element air.

In essence my work is about feeling, feeling through my senses and discovering what lies beyond and below the surface of what I wish to express visually.

I endeavour to seek visual harmony, beauty and balance and a new perception of the inner and outer world through painting, drawing and poetry. I work with simple themes which are deeply worked through to find new images often abstract and sometimes finding familiar forms”.

She will also be showing some of her life drawings which are drawn using Chinese ink, feathers and fingers. It is these accomplished drawings which have caught the attention of the Society of Women Artists.

You can see more here, and her work will be at the Affordable Art Fair Hampstead this weekend. Ursula will be in Chalk Gallery all day on 20th May (10am – 5pm) – do pop in and meet her. She’d love to see you.



Interview with Featured Artist: Ursula Stone

Chalk gallery looks into the world behind Ursula’s beautiful paintings and life drawings.

What is the theme behind your featured artist exhibition, what connects the artwork in the exhibition?

Olive and Rose

Earth and Air

Stone and Blossom

Heaven and Earth

The oil paintings are connected by a restricted colour palette and the work develops according to the different combinations and tones of colour. They also develop from my current theme which is inner landscape and the elements.  The life drawings are drawn at my drop-in life drawing sessions which I have been running for the past eight/nine years.

Where do you go to collect the inspiration behind your work? 

I observe the elements and nature.

Describe the process behind your artwork in the featured artist exhibition

My process is such that I never really know what will appear. As I said, I do have a loose theme but I am always trying to break my style, trying to find something new always and striving for change.

Describe your studio space and your favourite thing about it as a place to make artwork

My studio is attached to my house but with a separate entrance, it used to be a lean to, dirt floor space but I had it made into a beautiful studio a long time ago. My favourite thing about it is that it is completely my space!

What achievements are you most proud of?

Well I suppose recently, actually I heard today that two of my life drawings have been chosen for the Society of Women Artists annual exhibition in the Mall Galleries this summer. Also I am selling well with the Nicholas Bowlby Gallery in the Affordable Art Fairs in London for the past two years.

Which other artists/ art movements / writers/ musicians most influence your artistic practice?

Eastern minimalist art, cave paintings, figurative art, Rumi and John O’Donohue.

What is your favourite thing about Chalk Gallery?

The people and the pressure to create new work every six weeks !

See more of Ursula’s works here.