John was inspired to take up woodturning in 1996 after seeing the striking and original work done by creative art-turners in New Zealand. He has a small studio-workshop in a watermill near the foot of the Southdowns, and now works almost exclusively on decorative open bowls and closed hollow forms using mainly locally grown timber.

Like many art-turners, his designs were originally influenced by the work of potters and silversmiths; however, for many years he has been particularly interested in sculpture and it is the unique relationship of curve and line seen both in sculptural and natural forms that has influenced his ideas on shape and design.

Wood is a very tactile medium, and he is especially interested in creating work that emphasizes the relationship between curve and form to produce turned pieces that are not only visually attractive but also have that intangible quality that makes you want to touch and hold them.

All of his bowls and hollow forms are designed to reveal the wonderful range of colours, grain-patterns and irregular features found naturally in our beautiful English timbers.