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Lucy holds an MA in Fine Art and is an Associate Member of the United Society of Artists. Three of her painting have just been selected for the prestigious ING Discerning Eyeexhibition at the Mall Galleries, London in November.

Lucy says “My work as a landscape painter focuses on the inspirational area around me.  I live in Worthing and my inspiration comes from the sea, beaches and the South Downs all of which I have known since a child.  I believe areas that you have known for a long time become part of your DNA.  For me, the South Coast feels like home. I aim to create works that connect the viewer to a sense of the elements of the natural world in a non-representational way. I paint in both oil and watercolour directly in the environment and then use these works in the studio as my primary source to develop work further.

The works on show in the Chalk Gallery are a series inspired by Ferring Beach, which is near to where I live.  These are studio works that were painted from my watercolour sketches on location.  My aim was to capture the beach as the grey evening light was falling over the beach and sea, and before the summer pinks had vanished from the sand”. See more here.