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Artist, illustrator, designer, and maker Nadia has been a Chalk Gallery artist for just over a year – and yes, it’s a complete coincidence that her name is “Chalk”. Her work is much admired and collectible and we are looking forward to presenting a collection of these distinctive sculptures for your enjoyment.

She says “I am inspired by the strength and beauty of seascapes and landscapes. Using found materials to make 3D dwellings, playing with the scale and colours to create a narrative. My studio, in Worthing, contains a regular collection of foraged woods and metals. Each piece dictates it’s own identity with natural forms and patterns that are enhanced with sanding, inks and paint. Most of the sculptures are designed to be viewed from all angles like a real land/seascape”. You can see more here.


Chalk Interviews Nadia Chalk about her Studio Practice


What is the theme behind your featured artist exhibition/ what connects the artwork in the exhibition?

My 3D pieces are based on seascapes and landscapes and my love of found materials that can be given a new life.

Where do you go to collect the inspiration behind your work? 

I am easily inspired by so many different things and have a steady stream of ideas which fall into place as soon as I start playing in the studio. I frequently visit exhibitions and like to explore coastlines near and far at every opportunity.

Describe the process behind your artwork in the featured artist exhibition

I have a growing collection of discarded timber. Each piece creates its own identity and narrative with the addition of small houses and scrap metal.

I work with piles of wood, bottles of inks, various tools and varnishes. I never have a plan because the wooden shapes make the decisions for me when married with other pieces. I love playing with the materials and trust my instinct to know when a piece is ready.

Describe your studio space and your favourite thing about it as a place to make artwork

I am very lucky to have a studio in my garden which is crammed full of foraged and gifted pieces of wood and metal as well as a multitude of other materials that I use for other projects and commissions  This is where I add the inks and houses to the wooden sculptures. I also have studio space in a beach hut at East Beach Studios in Worthing. The ever changing seaview provides visual nourishment, the tide also brings wooden treasures.

What achievements are you most proud of?

Having worked in the creative industries, since being at college 30 years ago, I have been lucky enough to be involved with like minded people who have shared their skills and talents along the way. I love working alongside other creative thinkers and feel that my best achievement is being the co-founder of because we design and deliver inclusive projects for whole communities, creating opportunities for people of all ages to participate with the arts.

Which other artists/ art movements / writers/ musicians most influence your artistic practice? 

There isn’t one particular artist that has influenced me as I have always been interested in a variety of 2D and 3D practices. My arts education enabled me to enjoy, explore, stretch and trust myself.

What is your favourite thing about Chalk Gallery?

Chalk Gallery is a great example of how artists and makers can work together to showcase and sell their work. I am so impressed by the great pool of skills, talent and dedication. As a very busy person I love the 6 week turnaround of work because it makes me prioritise my time in the studio.